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Red Dwarf Fanfiction

"And I've never read... a book."

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This is the LJ community for Red Dwarf fanfiction of all kinds, slash, het, or no romance at all!

It's also a good place to ask questions you have about Red Dwarf that you desperately need answered for your fanfic. What was the name of Holoship again? What century was Lister born in? Sure, Red Dwarf canon disagrees with itself a lot, but we can still venture a guess.

Got plot bunnies that you don't have time for? Post 'em here, maybe someone will adopt 'em. Got a story where you're just completely stuck and suffer from writer's block? Maybe someone here is willing to help. Looking for a beta to check your story? Give us a shot.

I'm just saying, we should be a decent answer for your Red Dwarf fanfic troubles.

When posting, please put your fanfic under a LJ-cut.

You could use this header outside the LJ-cut for further info about your fic.
Pairing: (if applicable)
Disclaimer: (AKA all this stuff belongs to Grant and Naylor, not to me)

If you just want to talk about Red Dwarf, visit red_dwarf. If you want to read slash, and nothing but slash, visit reddwarfslash.

There, all done, now get writing,

Your maintainer dracothelizard

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